Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Challenge Like Never Before

My wife and I returned a couple of weeks ago from a pastor's retreat, and I must say I was challenged like I hadn't been in a while concerning my own sphere of influence.  We each have a "Sphere of Influence", and what we do with it is OUR MINISTRY.  I use the term sphere purposefully to convey that you not only have people around you, but also beneath, and even above you that you have influence on.  See, because in the Kingdom, everything is backwards to our little dirt minds.  We all can witness to the homeless person under the overpass or the orphan in the foster home, but we haven't grasped the Kingdom fact that we are to also minister to the business owner,  a CPA or even the CEO of the company.

The presentation at the retreat was unlike any in my remembrance.  Not just because of the challenge, but also because of its simplicity.  We in the church world try, in our natural efforts, to constantly make things much harder than they are intended to be in the Kingdom.  The pitch was simply this: as the pastor and representing your church pick 3 to 5 local "Kings of the Marketplace".  Go to their place of business and let them know we are going to be praying for you and your company for one month, and even be so bold to ask "is there anything specific we can pray with you about?".  This straightforward uncomplicated method of Kingdom Advancement and Marketplace Ministry is now going to be utilized by us on a regular basis.  The fact is they are good at what they do -- thus why they are in business.  The fact is, I/we should be good at what I/we are and do -- thus why I/we are called "Christians".  We are excited about the interaction in the marketplace and our sphere of influence that this challenge has created.  Don't sit idly by.  Get up and run the race God has commanded you to run and let's make a difference for the Kingdom.

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