Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The trial & errors of doing your own website.

This has been quite the endeavor.  It has been about a month long process of acquiring our URL (our website name) back from the company that was "hosting" it, and transferring it to another company that can advance at a similar pace with technology (plus they even provide real life actual phone support).  This exercise in "Internet Technology" was a must to facilitate making timely and current updates to our website, and allow for new and newer technologies as they are introduced.  This process is similar to getting the deed to your home, which you own, from the bank which held the financing.  "IT" -- once "IT" -- is done, seems much easier than while you are walking through the process.  However while you are progressing from one phase to the next with massive amounts of "knowledge deficiency," "IT" can seem overwhelming.  The key -- Don't Quit!

I have been able in the course of a short afternoon to create, develop, adjust, add and manipulate our website more than in the previous four years since its original launch.

Exciting is not even close to what I am feeling about this opportunity to share and link people for the advancement of the KINGDOM.

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