Friday, April 1, 2011

April "Fools" Day

The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." Psalm 14:1 NAS

WOW!  I was going to go through and post all the verses that are in the Bible to help us get wisdom rather than foolishness.  To my surprise there are a BUNCH! In the Message Bible there are about 130 references to "a fool".
I personally have started using the Message Bible to do a lot of my personal reading time...Simply for the easy of understanding and vast amounts of sarcasm it uses, and that we miss in other English translations from the original Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic.
Here are just a few:

  1. You're only asking for trouble when you send a message by a fool.
  2. Hire a fool or a drunk and you shoot yourself in the foot.
  3. Answer a fool in simple terms so he doesn't get a swelled head.
  4. A proverb quoted by fools is limp as a wet noodle.
  5. The wise accumulate wisdom; fools get stupider by the day.
  6. Fools care nothing for thoughtful discourse; all they do is run off at the mouth.
  7. Having a fool for a child is misery; it's no fun being the parent of a dolt.
  8. Fools are headstrong and do what they like; wise people take advice.
  9. As a dog eats its own vomit, so fools recycle silliness.
  10. Pound on a fool all you like-you can't pound out foolishness.
  11. No more will fools become celebrities, nor crooks be rewarded with fame.
  12. Fools on the road have no sense of direction. The way they walk tells the story: "There goes the fool again!"
  13. Wise conversation is way over the head of fools; in a serious discussion they haven't a clue.
  14. Fools incubate sin; cynics desecrate beauty. Rescue the Perishing
  15. We no more give honors to fools than pray for snow in summer or rain during harvest.
  16. A whip for the racehorse, a tiller for the sailboat-and a stick for the back of fools!
  17. Putting a fool in a place of honor is like setting a mud brick on a marble column.
  18. Dullards never notice what you do; fools never do get it.
  19. Well, think again, you idiots, fools-how long before you get smart?
  20. Become wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces.
These are just 20 instances that God has given us to help show us how to not be a foolish idiot.  Our purpose and destiny is to advance the Kingdom.  It is hard to be an ambassador or a King's representative if we are constantly acting like the court's jester -- a FOOL.  This responsibility falls (in my opinion) directly on the father.  As the family unit has disintegrated over this and the last generation we see the level of foolishness skyrocketing.  If you look back at #11 in the list you see "No more will fools become celebrities, nor crooks be rewarded with fame."  There are more fools as celebrities and getting their 15 minutes of fame like never before.  Why??? Because the family unit has lost all ability to provide discipline, and that comes when there is no father present -- OR/AND -- a father as depicted   by the foolishness of the world.  Now, since this is online and online you can create a visual that you usually can't create.  Simply take a look at how the depiction of "Dads" have changed over the last 60 years just on television.

Father Knows Best

My Three Sons

Leave it to Beaver

Little House on the Prairie

As you can see up to this point the Dads were a very vital part of the story in level of foolishness that was present, or the lack there of.  The transition starts with humor and laughter to create a callousness for the removal of respect and nuggets of wisdom that was a normal occurrence being passed down from the father.  Let the laughter begin...
All in the Family

Sanford & Son

Brady Bunch

Good Times

Cosby Show

Now, that we have become accustom to the Dad being the punch-line rather than the life line...Let's see how foolishness abounds???
Married with Children


The Simpsons

Home Improvements
The modern portrayal of the father figure has a direct correlation with the downward spiral of the family, which in turn also causes "Foolishness" to abound in abundance.

All of this is meaningless if I simply present it, and don't provide you with a solution.  Here it is...He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children. Malachi 4:6

God is raising up fathers (Spiritual Fathers) whose desire is to grow a generation that has a heart for God; which roughly translates to having a "heart for wisdom".  Laughter is good like a medicine, but you can even overdose on medicine.  Have a great and fun April Fools Day, but don't get lost in the folly.

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