Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day -- I don't think so!

Subtitle:  "anti" Christ is a tree hugger...

The prefix "anti" according to the dictionary is as follows:
opposed to; against
a person opposed to a particular policy, activity, or idea
opposed to; against : antiaircraft.
• preventing : antibacterial.
• reversing or undoing : anticoagulant | antigravity | antipruritic.
• the opposite of : anticlimax.
• Physics the opposite state of matter or of a specified particle : antimatter | antiproton.
• acting as a rival : antipope.
• unlike the conventional form : anti-hero.
ORIGIN representing Greek anti ‘against.’

Why grammar 101?  Because society in general and, especially religious society the term "anti-christ" is so thought of as simply an individual that will eventually show on the scene of the world's stage and mark the next chapter in the saga "'The Beginning of the End' but, That's Not Really the End, It's Just the Beginning".  That is true and will happen, but the spirit of "anti" CHRIST is already running prevalent in our world today.  We need to as Christians recognize that there is not an anti-religious movement -- It is strictly an anti-Christ movement.

So, let me begin.  I was on my way to work this morning, and was listening to the radio and heard that today is Earth Day.  Immediately! My spirit-man leaped inside of me.  Not with a since of joy, but of a call to arms as if a ranking officer in the military just walked in the room and said someone just attacked our home base.

Why you asked so serious and dramatic?  Once again, if we as Christians don't awake, rise up and answer the call to arms this -- anti-Christ, anti-Cross, anti-Blood, anti-Easter, anti-Good Friday --  peaceful, tree-loving, wonderfully encouraging day for simply recycling (sarcasm),  pagan, humanistic, snake-fully sly, political deception will; in all its efforts try to make the Cross of Christ null, void and to no avail.  The same thing has already been in the works for years now in the callusing cold and hard, the hearts of Christians in the defense of the "Christmas" story, season and holiday.  It is not that people want to do away with a holiday -- they simply want to evolve it into a more politically correct coexist-ance of an anti-Christian holiday.  If we sit idly by at this kairos moment in the Kingdom we are forfeiting our most significant event in the history of all time.  The Blood that Jesus Christ, Redeemer of all mankind, Savior of the world is worth standing up for.

The news piece that was referencing earth day was not a Christian broadcast or even FoxNews, but they gave the statistics that -- out of 1000 different stories that were broadcast: 100% of the earth day stories were positive, and 92% of the Easter stories were of severe negativity (siting mostly the Catholic church's child abuse scandals).  The story went on to site several communities in Florida that have, for several years been making concentrated efforts to change the naming of their Easter events to "Spring" events -- including the "Spring Bunny". (You have got to be kidding me!)
Do these few illustrations mean that Easter as we know it is now gone?  Of course not! However, the peaceful, well-meaning efforts of so called activist are being used knowingly or unknowingly by the enemy of the Cross, Satan, the anti-Christ spirit to steal, kill and destroy the one place that divides everything -- even time.

The ultimate show of love that God sent His son to die on a cross as the Savior of mankind on this day over 2000 years ago shall and will stand alone as the only event marked on this day.  It is not going to be watered down and forgotten, swept under the rug by the media as an unacceptable gruesome event that is not politically correct, or coincidently embraced as Earth Day so as to distract the true reason for Good Friday.  I challenge you, do not be deceived, do not take this lightly, do not simply hug a tree -- You need to kneel at the CROSS.

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