Friday, April 15, 2011

Embrace the Embrace

In my process of trying to discipline myself to be consistent and create a habit of journaling -- through this blog -- I discovered a phrase, "Embrace the Embrace".  A couple of days ago I was sharing about metamorphosis how there is a stage in that process that the cocoon so engulfs the caterpillar that a level of suffocation seems inevitable.  The organism is still alive, it is still the same being, but it is going through a process.  For it, it will only go through once. For us, it might take a couple of times before are wholly what God desires us to be.  Thank God for grace.
Embrace the embrace is more than just a changing process though.  So many people refuse the changing thing that they never learn to accept the suffocating embrace that accompanies it.  Two visual pictures of the "embrace" that I have played with in my minds eye; are that of a child after something doesn't go their way and the parent is trying to bring the situation to an end they try to give the child a hug -- embrace them, and the child refuses.  Stiff as a board they pull away, or simply stand there and let the parent try to give love and affirmation.  But to no avail the child just wants no part of it at this time.  Even though it is for their best in the development and proliferation of problem solving and relational growth.
The second happens to be my favorite memories as a dad, and previously as a son.  That moment in time when you fall asleep, just enough to be asleep, but you still kind of know what is going on around you.  Dad reaches down and picks you up to carry you to bed, and you wrap your arms and legs around him, and embrace his embrace for the ride that is like no other.  The peaceful security that daddy is carrying you.  You bury your head in his shoulder to the point of suffocation.  To be tucked in and wrapped in a cocoon of blankets until morning.  Only to awaken one day to big to be carried to bed any longer.  Those days have passed for me as a son and as a father, but as a son of the Most High those days never have to end.  Because no matter my size, age, status in life, or even what time I go to bed -- He is still a BIG ENOUGH DADDY GOD to pick me up in His embrace.

Love this song by Freddy Rodriguez "Wrap me in Your Arms"
More still coming on Embrace the Embrace

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