Monday, June 27, 2011

A Season of Declaration

1. We are not going to be referred to as a non-denominational church anymore.
We are a Pentecostal church.
We will not apologize, but embrace the power of the Spirit

The power is what is going to attract people

2. This house will be the logistical hub for other ministries and churches to be birthed out of.

3.We will have a dynamic youth and children's ministry that is talked about all over this region.
We will be a teaching children from the youngest of ages that the Bible is the greatest of story books as well as a life book.
This building will be a place where young people come on a regualr basis...
Ministry will be happening to teenagers and young adults at a greater level.
The power of God resting on them that sparks a fire in everyone around them
Our youth will not be content to walk the way everybody else walks,
but will run in the direction of their destiny.

4. We will become an impacting force in the everyday lives of people in Valdosta.
There is no Impact without contact
Until you turn around and go the other way you won't make impact with people.
Souls saved will be a common occurrence

5. We will be a muti-cultural, multi-generational church full of men and women, all nationalities, married couples, families, singles, young, old...A diverse church to represent a diverse Kingdom.

6. We wil be known as a church of prayer, praise, and power!!!

We will have a praise and worship band as well as our praise and worship team who will release the sound of heaven into the atmosphere.

7. We will be an apostolic house with a prophetic voice to speak into the region and lives of people to set in order misshaped, misaligned Iives.

8. We are going to set goals that are obtainable but stretch our faith...
First goal...We will have 100 in the sanctuary.We will go ahead and prophecy...We will outgrow this building.

9. This will be a year of transition...
Bishop Tony confirmed in Pastora on Friday that there is a gift in her that is about to open doors of opportunity to the nation. 
We are declaring this is the season.
The next 6 months Pasotra will transition into full time ministry

The Winners Church is blessed and highly prosperous.
We are the head and not the tail, we are above and not beneath.
We have access and favor in our city.
The Winners Church will be...
Debt free and the finances will always be in place.

There will be more than enough to take us where we need to go and do what we need to do.
The Winners Church will be...
Equally representative of our community.
As white as it is black and as black as it is white
Young as it old and as old as it is young.
The Winners Church will be...
A Kingdom minded church.

A church that God is blessing because we a doing what He is blessing.
A place where God's love will always be the file that sharpens us and motivates us.
We will be a healthy church spiritually, financially and naturally.
We will be a church of success that teaches others how to win in every area of their lives by using the principles found in God's word.

We will have a bigger building, bigger people, bigger check books, bigger faith, bigger vision, bigger leadership...... Thingk big, be big, live big!!
We are winners!!!!!!!

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  1. These are exciting times in the life of The Winners Church. Fasten your seat belt's going to be a great ride!